Ardu tracker connection problems

So I tried to connect my drone to my antenna tracker using pixhwak with ardutracker firmware “in the middle” ( the antenna tracker pixhwak connected to my drone using telemetry and to the mp using usb cable).
I succeied to connect the pixhwak in the middle to my mp, but I cannot get telemetry from my drone.
I am using mp ver and ardutracker ver 1.0.0
Anyone can help me pls? (:

Hi Noam,
I have exactly the same problem as yours, and I posted 2-3 times in the forum, but can’t get any useful help.
I use Pixhawk flashed with Antenna Tracker V1.0 (in the middle) and connect it to my drone(a quad) via a pair of telemetry radio. The Pixhawk (AT v1.0) is also connected to the Mission Planner by USB. Without doing calibartion and without setting the range of yaw and pitch servos, I move the quad over the bench after power up everything, the 2 servos won’t move.
One reply from the forum said it is very difficult to do it over the bench, but I thought at least the servos will move a bit when the drone is moved. We can support one another to get this work.


Noam: I had same issue. The solution is as follows:

Connect TX from your telemetry radio to RX of the APM you use to control the AT. The AT APM only needs the data from the plane.

Connect both TX and RX from your telemetry radio to respective RX and TX from mission planner. This way you still can send commands to your plane and receive the data you need.

You won’t be able to see your AT anymore on MP, but at least the AT is working and MP shows your plane.

I didn’t care about not seeing the AT as once you set everything correctly, it will work by itself.

Franky: Yes, correct, this won’t work on the bench. You need at least 10 meter distance between AT and drone.

Hello Anthony

Thanks for your reply.

The reason I think bench testing is Ok is because I read from the following
link :–

It says immediately below the second last photo/illustration :–

“You should be able to move the plane a few meters in front of the antenna
tracker should move with it.”

What is your opinion ?

Thanks Frankie

A few meters should be 5 meters or more.