Archived versions of the source code and documentation

Hi, I’m on a personal research project relating to Ardupilot Rover in particular. Back in 2014 I downloaded the then latest Ardupilot source code, but never got around to building it for myself. I’ve recently returned to this, and my hardware is the AVR so now I want to complete that mission. I’m looking for archived versions of the source code dating back to that period, and also most importantly I cant seem to find the documentation that takes you through the process of installing tools and IDE to build the code. I’m mainly work with Eclipse, so I will be using that IDE. Can some please help and pout me to the links I need?

The documentation changed a lot in the last eight years. But you do have git, and can go back in time using that. IMHO You will be wasting a lot of time if you do that.

Just buy a new board, and join the rest of us in 2022.

amilcarlucas, thanks, took me a while to get back. how do I use git to find these docs?