AR7700 + satellite rx wiring help

Hi there, first post and first Pixhawk build in progress :slight_smile:

I am using a Spektrum DX9 with AR7700 rx that comes with the little satellite receiver. I have been reading some of the documentation here about using Spektrum receivers and/or satellites, and how the satellite by itself can be connected to the SPKT/DSM port in the front, but if I were to use the full AR7700 receiver plus the satellite, would the satellite plug into the satellite port on the AR7700, or the SPKT/DSM port on the Pixhawk?

Just as added info, I have tested and calibrated the main AR7700 receiver with the Pixhawk and all is working fine, I just wanted to add the satellite for diversity.

Thanks in advance!

I have an AR7700 also.
Keep the satellite plugged into the receiver satellite port.