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APSync + rPiZero + Internet?

(trearick) #1

I have APSync working as a hotspot on a raspberry pi zero wired to a pixhawk hexacopter. I can upload dronekit-python scripts and Mavlink is working great. It is all flying and triggering processes by monitoring switches on my Taranis. Life is good, eh?

No. I want more. Is there some way I can add another wireless dongle and bridge to the internet? I would like to update python 2 to 3 but apt-get is useless without access to the Internet. I can’t even upload python scripts to the rPi Zero and browse the Internet from my development machine at the same time. Am I missing something?

Failing an easy way to bridge to the Internet, is there an easy way to disable the hotspot and perhaps assign a fixed IP address?

It’s not a hotspot if can’t reach the Internet, is it?

Seriously, I am grateful for the work some very smart people have offered up to the likes of me.

(peterbarker) #2

Sure. Try an LTE modem and use zerotier if you like :slight_smile:

Using Ubuntu has advantages…

(Anthony Short) #3

If you’re able to run a USB cable to the aircraft for updates etc, set up an “Ethernet Gadget” on the pi, connect it to a laptop that’s on the Internet and turn on Internet connection sharing on the laptop. I’ve done this (on the bench) with APsync on a pi zero successfully. Works on pi zero only, not a full size pi.

(trearick) #4

Thanks. I will try that.