APsync & PS3 controller

I have apsync image installed on my raspberry pi and my flight controller is Pixhawk. Ground Station is QGroundControl running on android tablet.

Is it possible to connect the Playstation 3 controller to raspberry pi and in this way control my device ? Wired or wireless… Of course wireless would be better :slight_smile:

I know Mavproxy support joysticks but will it work in this case ?

Anyone can help me ? :slight_smile:

PS3 controller afaik are Bluetooth. You will have a very short range. You could rather connect it to the tablet and make QGC use it.

Thank you for your reply ucasdemarchi :slight_smile:

I cant connect my ps3 controller direct to my android tablet, because it need root permission and it is almost impossible to root my device… so it is not an option :frowning:
Bluetooth range is not problem because my system is installed on a real boat, or more specifically a ferryboat.