[APPROVED] Servo gimbal for rmackay

Topic: Servo gimbal for rmackay

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I would like to purchase the Adafruit Mini Pan-Tilt Kit which is an inexpensive 2-axis servo gimbal. This is the same gimbal that is shown on our Servo Gimbal wiki page. The slightly unique thing about his gimbal is that it has yaw control (many gimbals only have roll and/or pitch) which should allow me to confirm (and fix) issue

Planned amount $$ (USD): $31

Estimated time for completion: 1 month

FYI, these gimbals are also available without the servos. I was asked on the Parallax forum how to assemble the gimbal so I made this video. Hopefully my video will be useful to anyone on this forum who purchases the unassembled version.

I used two of these gimbals for the eyes on my hexapod. I think the eyes add a lot of personality to the robot.

It will be great to have these gimbals working well with ArduPilot. I look forward to following your work.

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Hi Randy, I would have 2 units in my drawer. If you let me know in which country you live, I’ll check how to get them to you.

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I’m pretty sure rmackay lives in Japan. His profile lists the website japandrones.com. I had a similar thought about donating a couple of my gimbals but I think the shipping prices would be prohibitive.

Yes, I’m in Japan. If it’s under $30 I’m happy to pay for the shipping. I’ll PM you, txs

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Maarten above has donated a couple of these to me so I won’t be needing these funds. Thanks very much @Turf1975!