[APPROVED] Pixhawk 6X for hardware test/demo of MicroXRCE DDS Feature


Request for Pixhawk 6X hardware for MicroXRCE DDS Feature

Proposal type:

Hardware [ X]


I am currently contributing to the MicroXRCE DDS Feature. I have a pixhawk 1M, and this feature will not fit on that board. In order to test on 2MB flash hardware, as well as test Etherenet transport, I am in need of new hardware. Tridge has requested hardware testing of this feature, and also requested future support of ethernet. Since I am developing this feature in my free time and without corporate sponsorship, developing without the latest hardware will hinder my ability to test the ethernet transport mechanism. In order to provide the best experience for researchers and commercial uses of Ardupilot who are most likely to use ROS2, I request hardware to be able to test closely with ROS2.

Planned amount $$ (USD):

$351.67 = current cost from GetFPV.

Estimated time for completion:

We have set a goal to reach MVP functionality by the developer conference, with a stretch to merge to master. This would be 31st of March for demo.


this is really worthwhile, Ryan is presenting on the ROS2 work at the dev conference at the end of March, and we’d love to have something running on real hw for the conference, so need to get hw quickly


Approved by the @Funding_Team

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