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[APPROVED] Funding for Walking robot project


Proposal type: Hardware [X]



We have made a minimal list of hardware we will need to make demo for the Walking robot project.
Our student is in India, so in order to make things simpler he will buy directly from an indian shop.
We have planned to buy a spider kit composed of a frame + 12 servos (3 per axis) and a servo controler. We add 2 spare servos as on walking robot servo are pushed hard and can easily burn.
The first step is to make the walking controler, so it will be first using Manual mode on Rover configuration : we add a cheap radio with some switch and 3dr telemetry. A batterie and a charger, and a power module + PDB for servo will complete the package.

For the mentor a spider kit with the same servo and motor controle will be bought.

Planned amount $$ (1120 USD):

Student request: $930

  • Flysky transmitter 5490 INR, $75 USD (link)
  • Battery charger, 1859 INR, $30 USD (link)
  • 433Mhz 100mW Sik Telem Radio, 2690 INR, $40 USD (link)
  • Robot metal frame kit, 11593 INR, $160 USD (link)
  • 2S Lipo 990 INR, $15 USD (link)
  • 14x HiTech servos, 41986 INR, $560 USD (link)
  • Servo Motor control board, 3500 INR, $50USD (link)


  • Robot metal frame kit, $170 EUR, $190 USD

Estimated time for completion: GSOC frame time.

Can you provide an actual breakdown please.
I’m a bit unclear about the costs for the student.

I add 100$ for power module and PDB

For the mentor, I will send you the link in PM because there is only one unit left …

@khancyr The kit is an Hexapod, do you strip it down to make a Four Legged Robot ?

Yep, we are going to 4 legs first. That is why there are only 12 servos + 2 spares on the list

Let’s find a better flight controller. I’m not going to support a “2.4.8”.
Perhaps a Partner (@pkocmoud @proficnc @cuavRC or @mogu ?) might have a distributor in India or would be interested in supporting the student?

We can go without the flight controller at start I think. With the servo controller we should be able to use SITL to control the frame and deal with the flight controller when it arrive. I will ask the other about the idea in order to not block everything.

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Hi James,

More than happy to help. Can you ask your student to put to together a list of items they need from our store ?


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Awesome, thanks @pkocmoud and mRo!
@ashvath100 please see above.

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Approved by the Funding Committee

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