[APPROVED] Funding for DJI HD FPV and air unit

Topic: Funding for HD FPV System

Proposal type: Hardware [X ] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________


As one of the maintainers of OSD and a lead consultant on FPV for AP, I should move up to HD FPV in order to contribute new ideas/code, facilitate users in RCG using AP with HD FPV, and provide additional testing for future HD FPV improvements, as well as provide improved Wiki content.

Planned amount $$

(USD): $850 max, but Alex (yaapu) is getting a discount code from CADDX for this purchase in support of ArduPilot, so should be less…

Estimated time for completion: NA

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Thanks Henry. Makes sense to me. The funding committee will discuss.

Hi Henry,

Can you be more specific on which products do you intend to buy? For example, is a camera being included? Maybe links to the products is a good idea.

DJI FPV V2 Goggles and a Caddx DJI compatible Air Unit(it includes 720p.1024 FPV camera)…(Caddx makes the DJI air unit also but Yaapu alread has the DJI OEM version from Caddx)…Fatshark has a HD system also but is working on making it compatiable with our Display Port, but thats months away…eventually Alex, and perhaps I, will need to get that system also…but thats a ways off…

Approved by the Funding Committee.
Thanks for your efforts in supporting our users.
Please follow the guidelines here: https://www.spi-inc.org/treasurer/reimbursement-form/ when submitting the reimbursement request.

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Thanks, James! will do

@james_pattison James…still no reimbursement…could you inquire?

It was approved on 29 September, so not quite three weeks ago.

I’ll check, but from experience we’re still inside what is “normal” for SPI.

Are we still inside “normal” ? nothing yet…

I’ve chased SPI again.

thanks…finally got it!