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[APPROVED] Funding for DJI HD FPV and air unit

Topic: Funding for HD FPV System

Proposal type: Hardware [X ] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________


As one of the maintainers of OSD and a lead consultant on FPV for AP, I should move up to HD FPV in order to contribute new ideas/code, facilitate users in RCG using AP with HD FPV, and provide additional testing for future HD FPV improvements, as well as provide improved Wiki content.

Planned amount $$

(USD): $850 max, but Alex (yaapu) is getting a discount code from CADDX for this purchase in support of ArduPilot, so should be less…

Estimated time for completion: NA

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Thanks Henry. Makes sense to me. The funding committee will discuss.

Hi Henry,

Can you be more specific on which products do you intend to buy? For example, is a camera being included? Maybe links to the products is a good idea.

DJI FPV V2 Goggles and a Caddx DJI compatible Air Unit(it includes 720p.1024 FPV camera)…(Caddx makes the DJI air unit also but Yaapu alread has the DJI OEM version from Caddx)…Fatshark has a HD system also but is working on making it compatiable with our Display Port, but thats months away…eventually Alex, and perhaps I, will need to get that system also…but thats a ways off…

Approved by the Funding Committee.
Thanks for your efforts in supporting our users.
Please follow the guidelines here: when submitting the reimbursement request.

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Thanks, James! will do

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