APMCopter Motor automatically turning off


Working on my Quadcopter using APM COPTER. All sorts of calibration and initial setup already done. When I turn my Motor ON, it shows me some error in beginning. After trying for some three to four times, it starts operating but stops automatically after operating for around 10 seconds or so.
Note that I am not keeping the throttle at lowest position after arming it.

Once I was testing at above mid throttle, after few seconds I was willing to decrease it but it didn’t decrease. It kept increasing and allowed me to have only one option of disconnecting the battery. At that time, it was showing NO RC RECEIVER found in spite of having my Receiver connected (showing Green LED status) which means it is powered and bind with my transmitter.

Can anyone please get in to the matter and help?

Thanks and Regards,

You have posted this in the “Hardware” sub-forum, but it seems to be a question about configuring your Copter. You may have more luck moving this question to the ArduCopter sub-forum.

Thank You.

I have changed my category.