APM2.5 board doesn't work well after a hard bouncing

Hello, I will trie to explain my problem. a Few days ago I went out to fly my fpv raptor. Normaly I use the flaps for more lift and the plane flies away very easy. This time I forgot to use the flaps and after I through my plane up in the sky it bounces on the ground very hard but after all it takes off. Than I found out my osd doesn’t work, no speed and no alt was given it keeps staying zero. I fly a big circle and suddenly I didn’t have any controle over my plane anymore. The plane goes down but it landed it self very well so no dammage on the plane. When I get the plane out of the field I hear the esc beeping and I notice there was no power on the APM board, gps, rx and my vtx. At home I put out the APM and messure the power on the board. I had the jumper JP1 installed as I use a Ubec 5v on the output (not using power out of the esc). I messure 5v on the out put but at the input and analoge pins I only messure 2.98v. The board doesn’t start up and only the Alive led gives a muted light. I took off the JP1 and put 5v on the input, the board came a live. Then I connect it to the missionplanner. It started to read the parameters untill it came at RC10_rev. Here it stopped complety. Than try ctr-F param Gen and load it again and after this it stucked at Tecs_ptch_rev and the rx led is blicking very fast. Did try to reinstall the 2.77 and erase and reset in the terminal but no succes at all.
Ok long story but here is the question:
What is going wrong? Is it software or a hardware problem? Can this be fixed ?

I would take everything out and start again. Something has been failed on the power side when you ran along the ground. Perhaps you should have aborted the take off to check for damage. It sounds like at least you can use the aircraft once more.

I did take everything out and started from the begin but no luck. I couldn’t abort the take off because it has been result in a crash agains a small hill. The plane is well and will fly again but I’m afraid without the APM board. Have to save money for a new one :cry: