APM1-1280 Source Code

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I have recently come into possession of an APM1-1280 and was wondering where I might find source code for it? I found this github.com/diydrones/binary/tre … /apm1-1280 however when I go to load it onto the board through the mission planner it says the hex file is to large for the board o_O. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Due to the limited memory in the 1280 (APM1.0) compared to the 2560 (APM1.4/2.5/2.6) I believe that all of the Ardupilot vehicle firmware will have to be edited to remove certain functions to be able to fit in your APM1.0.
There used to be a discussion in the DIY Drones Discussion Forums with instructions on how to make a LITE version of the firmware for the 1280, but I cannot find it now. Sorry.
TCIII Developer

The 1280 does still build but we have limited functions.

The code is located here

or you can load compiled code directly from the planner software.

Ok, Thank you both. I really only need it to follow GPS way points at this point in time so I’ll figure out how you guys are compiling and get to it. Thanks for the help.