APM with Multi-Blade


Please, a simple question for experts in TradHeli.

You can use the APM in a tradheli multi-Blade (four or five blades)?
What is the configuration? Flybarred or Flybarless?


Yes, this should be possible, though you may be the first. There’s not a lot of difference between a multiblade head and a flybarless head… other than of course the number of blades. :wink:

You would use the Flybarless configuration. You may need to adjust the electronic phase angle depending on your particular head mechanics. Some are designed for normal phasing, some need electronic adjustment.

Keep me posted, as I’d like to follow along and see how it goes, make sure you have no issues as I haven’t seen this done yet. I actually have a 4-blade head myself, but haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks Rob,

I am using a T-rex 450 and five blades with the fuselage of the MD 500.
I will try to configure it for APM and see what happens.

I bought a new APM to put into it and once you arrive, I will start the installation and testing. (without the fuselage of course) :wink:

Then I’ll open a new post with the result.

Thanks again Rob.


Rob, I remembered one more doubt. Auto tune can be used to TradHeli?

No, Autotune can’t be used on a Tradheli. At least, I’ve never tried it, and expect it won’t go well if somebody does try it. I have disabled it entirely for 3.2.