APM:Plane 3.2.3 released

See release announcement here:
diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/apm … 1-released

i put 3.2.3 on this morning.

i’m having a weird issue,

i’m using elevon mixing.

in manual mode my motor will turn off and my servos have minimal deflection. If i switch to another mode and switch back it’s fine.

i’ll get a log of it tonight

I think i just crashes my Go discover due to this problem.

Did a groundcheck everything was ok, went up in the air and after 10 seconds or something the plane was reacting very slow to command. it flipped inverted and i was not able to recover it.

After the crash i checked and i saw that my elevons only moved a few mm’s …
This is why i could not recover it…

This was on 3.2.2, i now updated to 3.2.3 and the problem dissapeared…

I am seriously afraid to fly with the APM now.

Any ideas someone ?

check your logs. I was going into failsafe for some reason.

i think mine was caused by bad radio calibration numbers.

I will upload them tonight, if anybody with some experience could check it that would be great!
But i’m quite sure it wasn’t a failsafe, because the problem was still there after i retreived my 10 piece plane :cry:

Ok, so here here is the log file.

Flight starts around 44%, after take off i make a right turn and then i loose control…
Would appreciate it greatly if someone can look at it.

Can you validate that your fly by wire is correctly setup… From the logs when you go from manual to FBWA its trying to roll you inverted.