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APM:Plane 2.76 released

(harfordhawk) #21

[quote=“Graham Dyer”]Actually you can go back to v2.73 with any MP, they’re not released as a pair, just click “Previous Firmware” in the Install Firmware page.

I’m going to try a few more things before downgrading. One is to mechanically increase elevator throw.[/quote]

My experience is that the later mission planners don’t work well with the 2.73 firmware… might work, but will get a bunch of weird errors anyway that is what I found…

It’s funny you are increasing throws to “maybe fix it”. and I was told I needed to decrease throws to fix mine…
I know its hard to analyze log files, so I’m not complaining, just ironic.

I am going to decrease my throws and see if that helps anything

(Graham D) #22

Agreed, I think our problems are slightly different though (but maybe related), I set my throws on the slightly conservative side as I’ve found a twitchy, sensitive plane often doesn’t last that long.

We also had compass interference issues but have sorted that out, now it’s just the loss of height in a downwind turn problem that we’re fighting with. That it manifests itself on to a greater or lesser degree nearly every plane we’ve flown seems to point to it being something that the controller can’t overcome depending on conditions and airframe type (or throws as may be the case).

Another suggestion for us is to increase IMAX on pitch, from 1500 to 2500, still have to test that.