APM & Pixhawk are their power connectors wired the same

Hi all

need a bit of help

I have just bought one of these as a compact all in one mounting solution for my Pixhawk


Before I connected it to my Pixhawk I tested to outputs of the power lead and found that the two outer pins +5 & Grd where reversed. Is this because the APM and the Pixhawk power sockets are wired differently to each other or is there an issue with this PDB

Its sold as APM & Pixhawk compatible

Anyone using one, how did you get it working



Just in case anyone should stumble across this question and need an answer

The answer was that the issue I had was nothing to do with the PDB I listed above, it was the Power Module supplied with my Pixhawk that was reverse wired, once I got the correct power lead the PDB powered my Pixhawk without issue.

Obviously an issue with the Alternative Open Source Supplier not quite building to standard spec.