APM on Qualcomm's flight board

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to understand how Ardupilot is working on this board and reading the code I founded something that I don’t understand.
The point of running the flight controller on the DSP is that if linux crashes we can still have a quadcopter flighting with the RTOS on it right ?
So my question is that how this may work ? For what I understand the code start first on the CPU and then is launch on the DSP through the fastRPC interface but if the main code ( running on the CPU ) crashes, isn’t it the same for the DSP code ?

If anyone could help me understanding this part it would be cool !
Thanks !! :smiley:

I’ve got another question, it’s more about the hexagon DSP but somebody could help me maybe.
How can I monitor the message shown by the code : HAP_PRINTF(“Ardupilot main_thread started”); ?

Thanks again !
Hope somebody could help :slight_smile: