APM noob, want to build a VTOL, can APM switch modes (not)

APM noob, want to build a VTOL, can APM switch modes (not), be switched OFF/passthru?

have a KK2 board and an Ardupilot,
hope to build a FPV VTOL

KK2 multirotor for takeoff, then switch off, switch on Ardu, fly as plane

what I have found in searches is,
FC’s dont switch ‘Off’,
unfortunately, neither they seem to be programmed to switch
from multirotor to airplane mode on the fly (hint blink hint)

thus, most experiments with VTOL have FC interfering
because they notice pitch or bank change, and rev up counter rotors,
but, these VTOL planes can simply fly through that,
so that inspired me to start my build (about all the parts now in, finally)

also, there is 1 guy (dont have his name here) with a good behaving VTOL,
who stated ‘in flight mode, it flies with the TX mixes only, and the planes controller
is in ‘pass-thru’ mode’

so that could solve my issue, if both KK2 and Ardu could be put in a ‘pass-thru’ mode,
or anything alike pass-thru (input set to ‘0’), and be switched on in-flight,

I could just put my KK2 and APM in series
(can I?), et voila these issues for my VTOL solved

opened a thread on rcgroups.com addressing this same issue,
from the perspective of KK2 board:
VTOL build - how to engage separate flightmodes? multiple FC’s possible?

pointers and advise be appreciated
created a Solidworks render of my design preparations for this effort,

what I have in mind, is a 4 tilting rotor ‘foamie’ (thanks YouTube)
about a yard long, should carry FPV, takes of VTOL

change of plan, it’s going to be a Tricopter Plane,
for many reasons (most only making sense to me and myself)

no dirty air with a rear upward tilting motor assembly with a Yaw Tilt hinge,
and prob weighs less
after some more Youtube watching,
(and how rare to find VTOL)
seems more balanced now, tad too heavy

STILL asking for pointers concerning FIRMWARE

there’s an ancient (like 2004 or 06) Paparazzi tilt wing firmware
anyone familiar with Paparazzi? and a tilt wing?
it’s an original Paparazzi developer guy, seems
(work close with Ardu)

will start tests with KK2, will upgrade to Arduplane/copter

N.B. attached render of wing with 2 Tilt Rotors
added Solidworks render of rear assembly of tilt Rotor with foam rudder
(needs lots of holes in material, the aluminum is adding up)
& pic with glider fuselage

[attachment=1]1024TRI_frontWing_2TiltMotorAssembly.jpg[/attachment][attachment=2]1024TRI rear Assembly Complete with Foam Rudder.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]1024TRI complete Assembly with Glider Fusilage.jpg[/attachment]

APM doesn’t have support for VTOL aircraft yet. I hope we will support it in the future, but for now you’ll either need to use a system that does (such as paparrazi) or work out some sort of switching system to switch between two APM boards in flight.
Cheers, Tridge