[APM Newbie] Stabilize mode doesn't seem to work

So I got my quad set up, made sure the motors are connected and spinning correctly. In the mission planner software I’ve made sure that my very first mode is Stabilize. I give the quad a little bit of power just to get the motors spinning. All is well up to this point.

Now if I give any input as far as pitch or roll the quad will flip. Even with the throttle at 10%, if I give a 100% Roll using the right stick the motors will get 100% power. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve had this quad flying plenty of times with the OpenPilot CC3D controller so the setup is fine. I just can’t seem to get the flight controller set up correctly.


This problem is usually from having wrong motor order hooked up to controller or motors turning wrong direction or cw/ccw props wrong.

Try this, with props on and you holding the bottom of the quad (firmly) and with the props clear and the quad level, give it a little bit of throttle so that the props are spinning.

Now give a little bit of roll or pitch and make sure copter is trying to tilt in the right direction.
If it is NOT trying to tilt in the right direction you have found your problem.

You can also just manually tilt the copter in any direction and it should try to correct to re-level itself, if instead it tries to go even more in that direction and you have found the problem.

Motors are connected correctly and the quad does tilt in the correct direction.

Have you loaded the quad FW? If you have not changed anything since the CC3D on the platform it will be something simple and obvious once you find it! That finding will take ages and end in “of course”

Perhaps add a log file here as well to help us with the process.