APM Autotune unflyable result

I am running mission planner 1.2.21 and Arducopter V3.2.1(36b405fb)
I have tried autotune on a MHQ2 frame twice and both times the result was very slugish and old values were lost. After completion of the autotune process I switch ch 7 low and back high to try the new values and quad is very unresponsive. I was able to switch ch7 back low to get original values back and not crash.
Then after land and disarm, at next power up I had the unflyable values?
I tried this twice and similar results both times.
Attached (if I figure out how) are pre tune values and post tune values as well as the tlog.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this frame not able to auto tune.

I got same result in v3.2.1 too.

After auto tune , i got very low pid.

copter was very unstable in stablize mode when using new PID values,like the video