APM 3.2 & Mission Planner + Locked GPS = BAD Loiter?

Well another noob joins the group.!

Turnigy 9x Remote - Firmware upgraded to ER9x & Backlight upgrade
8 ch Receiver
x525 frame
Arducopter running the 3.2
Ublox - 6m GPS
HK 20A ESC running Simon K FW. attached to Turnigy Multistar 980Kv
with 1045 props

The GPS is within 1deg. I have the copter sitting still and I’m watching the Mission planner and the copter is moving around huge sometimes 50’ +/-… even when its sitting perfectly still on the ground with no motors or anything moving. When I’m watching the mission planner it looks like a bunch of noodles all over the place.


How about providing tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.


Hopefully you can shed some light on this issue. I appreciate any help…

Thank you again!!!

Can anyone tell me if that’s even Normal ? looking at the picture should it be moving that much when its plugged in via usb and not even moving ??

I looked at that log, at first I thought that was too much movement and something was wrong. Then I noticed you’re actually flying around. So it would be impossible for me to judge how much GPS drift you’re getting.

In the photo you attached, that amount of movement is not abnormal during start-up, especially if you’re sitting under a roof as indicated by the red arrow?


That picture is from the quad not moving. Its still on my floor or kitchen table.

That is normal if you have it sitting on the kitchen table in the house. You need clear line of site to the sky to get a good lock. If I use mine on the kitchen table it moves around my back yard.