APM 2.x and Sbus Frsky RX

Hello everybody,
I use an APM 2.8 on an traditional helicopter. I try to use…
I had load Sbus firmware on it. I own a R9mm long range. He ran 4 or 5 times then burn!!! signal output and input are out of order now :frowning:
So I tried with a simple Frsky Sbus too. Absolutely no signal in mission planner.
I’m asking what’s the matter…
Vcc is 5v ok.
but Sbus signal have a big problem.

APM 2.8 does not support Frsky SBus. Please update to a supported flight controller hardware.

OK, so I’ll buy a pixhawk…too bad for me. I hate throw in the bin electronic devices.

APM is only for PPM and PWM? Even with the Sbus loading with FLIP software?

The last firmware release for APM 2.8 was ArduCopter 3.2.1. We are now on ArduCopter 4.0.0 and have had 5 major releases since 3.2.1. I hardly remember how to do the setup of that firmware and the code has evolved so much since then. Plus all of our wiki’s no longer support that software. You’d save a lot of heartache by purchasing a controller that is compatible with the current firmware.