APM 2.8 compass calibration issue

When i calibrate my APM 2.8 compass it doesn’t show any data like that dots to match neither any movement there. Also I’m using m8n GPAs with compass and can’t able to use its compass too.
Everytime showing bad compass health .Gps and all are perfect.
I request please tell me i solution I’m new there please…

I solved my problem by putting the jumper in JP2 ( see the picture)
hope it helps u too :wink:

Hey bro! Please please I’ll be your thankful if you open your APM and send me front and back side pics, so that i can see all connection.
Please try to understand and help thanks!

did u change the jumper? you still have a problem with it?

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Ya bro! I didn’t see any data while calibrating my compass even i Shift the jumper.
Please it help me if you share front and back pic or your APM board so i see all connection.
Please please please I’ll be thankfull

here you are:

hope it helps u :wink:

Thanks for the efforts bro!
I’ll be your thankful all time, can i ask why u put jumper in output

you r welcome,
the jumper is in Inputs for connecting radio via ppm .