APM 2.8 cannot calibrate external compass

Hi All

I’m new to apm so be gentle with me.
I got apm 2.8 from banggood, got mission planner, connect and runs firmware fine, calibrate accelerometers goes well, the next part is baffling me, I just cannot get the external compass to get anything at all when moving it around, there is a small jumper for the external compass, so, I presume it has to be removed to allow the external compass to work.
All I get is
Compass 1 error 99 and the same on compass 2.
if I put the jumper back in and try calibrating compass with external compass and leaving thse drop down box on “rotation_roll_180”.
Am I using the wrong Firmware?
If you could help that would be very much appreciated, because its driving me BONKERS!!

Another crappy lookalike made with substandard components.
Attaching picture of a replaced magnetometer on another p. O. S. Lookalike. (I don’t even call them clones)