APM 2.8 board - GPS: NO fix

What @dkemxr said. “Pixhawks” at their core are no different from other FCs, except for a plastic casing and pre-soldered connectors (that can be an advantage or a disadvantage).


Indeed. If you don’t want to solder then this is a good alternative option.
Kakute H743-Wing

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I’m not sure who I am talking to here. You are obviously much more experienced than me. I tend to rely a lot on ardupilot for guidance and if the FC is not listed I tend to avoid and many of the FCs listed on AliExpress are not available here (England) or they won’t ship here for some reason. I started into ardupilot when I got into Arduinos and my interest developed from there. I did not have much success with quadcopters and the laws on flying them in this country, like so many things here are so restrictive I pretty much gave up on them. So my interest is in rovers, both cars and boats. I bow to your superior knowledge and I will leave this discussion and bother you no more.

The name is Dave and I would say an experienced builder and a long time user of Ardupilot. I have versions of all of the Flight Controllers mentioned in this thread from an old APM that will still fly the quad it’s on to a couple Cube Orange +'s controlling Multirotors, Planes and Rovers. I’m in the US so I buy from domestic sources but many use Aliexpress so I used that for the links.


No matter who you’re talking to, it seems the bulk of your experience is a bit antiquated with an assumption that the only useful newer hardware is made by CubePilot.

Your assumptions here have been very incorrect, and those weighing in are trying to help. All of the hardware mentioned here (except the original APM board in the OP) is fully capable of supporting all recent versions of ArduPilot and the associated peripherals.


If it’s a Chinese company it often helps to just shoot them an email and ask if they could make a shipment to you. Apparently they have retained the service mentality we have lost in the West…

Understandable, I think we’re all having this issue to some degree.

No need to bow to anyone. You replied with very outdated and discouraging assumptions, and we corrected them. No harm done.

JFYI, the FCs we’re talking about here are also perfectly suitable for Rovers. Just the firmware is a different one.

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You need to select UK and GBP at the top right for the shipping options to appear or it just says not available.

Thank you.
I bought all the parts for the quadcopter. So buying another drone is for me not possible.

Thank you all.
GPS 3d fix solved my problem. This for I have waited many times.

The 7M’s were crap and I never did get one that worked.

Seriously, you need to dump the APM and get a better flight controller.