APM 2.8 Bad Compass Health

Hi guys,I am john and I have some problem where urgently need to be solve. First of all, I’m using APM 2.8 clone, with Ublox GPS module with compass also clone. I didn’t know its was clone until now. But that not the problem here.
My problem here where the APM can’t ARM (ARM: Arm mode not armable)
and have a bad compass health.

also in initial setup for compass the offsets of the compass x:0, y:0, z:0.

can someone please help me solve this problem.
BTW sorry for my bad english…

the compass problem solve but the apm still cant arm (arm: mode not armable)(error: command rejected by MAV) can someone please help me with the arm… the title should change to “arm problem

Which mode are you in ? It won’t arm without a GPS lock in certain assisted flight modes.Stabilize should allow you to arm.If it doesnt’ look in the ribbon under the HUD on the first page of Mission Planner once connected.In the messages tab it will give a reason for not arming.

ic… its arming now! tq sir for reply!

You will also need to calibrate the compass.

Hi bro can you please tell me how did you solve the "bad compass health " error ?

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