Apm 2.6 with vantec esc

I have a big rover with dual 30A motors and the ESC vantec RDFR 36E vantec.com/acatalog/rdfr.htm

Any ideas with how to connect the ESC to the APM 2.6?

Do i need a shield for the APM?

This Vantek ESC uses R/C steering and throttle inputs.
So all you have to do is connect the APM steering servo output (CH1) and the throttle servo output (CH3) to the appropriate inputs on the Vantek ESC.
The transmitter elevator joystick will be the throttle and the aileron joystick will be the steering.

Do any one knows if i would need an external BEC with the vantec rdfr family?

hello, i have a similar problem
i can not generate pwm for my servo
could you help me please

Please provide the following so that we may assist you:

Model of Electronic Speed Control (ESC)

Model of Autopilot

Autopilot operating system



I have only

  • the APM arducopter board
  • and a L298 Motor Drive Module - Arduino

Thank you for your response.