APM 2.6 Trad Heli Violent Up and Down Jerking

Prior to take off the heli (dynam 450) has some violent up and down jerking to the point where it looks like somethings going to snap. Im using default PIDS and settings. Everything has been calibrated.

Also is there any way to trim the rudder while in air? Ive read about autotrim/tune and the docs said not to use norm trims.

I can upload any pics if needed.

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.
Pictures are nice to look at, but do not provide any troubleshooting info.

Ok so i’ve encountered a new problem. I’ve loaded the default params for a trex 450 onto the board. The compass seems to be messed up. I’ve redone compass and acell cabibration but its still off.

Compass+APM is mouted rotated 180 degrees (yaw of 180)