APM 2.6 Temperature Sensor?


I have recently taken a project to produce a Quadcopter for indoor use which is capable of monitoring indoor temperature.

I’m hoping to begin by creating a simple system to begin with and then slowly and progressively make it more complex.

The initial system I’m planning will involve a manually controlled quadcopter, with a temperature sensor on-board, I intend for this temperature measurement to be transmitted wirelessely to the operator, and displayed on a computer/tablet/android.

So here come the questions…

1.)Temperature Sensor on APM 2.6 - Is it possible at all to connect a thermo-couple to the analog inputs of the APM 2.6 board and then have this reading be transmitted through a wireless telemetry transceiver?
2.) Wireless transmission of temperature measurement - What is the simplest method of wirelessly transmitting the temperature measurement back to the user? I have found methods using FrSky telemetry sensor hub and receiver, and also a method using a bluetooth module, are there anymore methods?

If I’m unable to connect a temperature sensor directly onto the APM 2.6 and have that transmitted to the user, then I was thinking I would place an arduino on the quadcopter with the necessary components to measure temperature and wirelessly transmit the measurement. Any thoughts on this idea?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!