APM 2.6 Question

Gday all
just a question on the 2.6 I have just fitted it in a K8 to use for mapping and have done the test flight all seams fine but when I start mission the plane will fly to correct alt but it seams it dose not know were the way points are I have has bad compass flash up on the mission planner but it doesn’t stay there if any any one can help it would be really appreciated.

Thanks Tim44

Hi Tim44,

The APM 2.6 doesn’t have a compass built in, are you using an external compass or a gps with built in compass? Select the proper orientation:
plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/common- … on_Planner

Also avoid to have magnets near the compass.

Also this could be related:
Are you flying ok in manual and in fly by wire? If you are flying fine in manual but not in fly by wire, take a look to this information:
plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/ardupla … evon-mode/