APM 2.6 problem keeping throttle up

Hi I have an APM 2.6, DJI Flame Wheel F550, with the same motors, 920kv’s, and ESC’s, DJI 30A Opto’s, that came with it. Now having problem with the throttle. I just recently picked up the 2.6 and have not flown it yet, not for long anyway, a few seconds.

When I arm the motors, I don't get any pre arm check errors, it arms as usual. I wait for the gps lock, then start to increase the throttle all is good so far I take off and only seconds later the motors start to slow down and the copter hits the ground and at this point I don't have any control with the TX, Spektrum DX7, if I unplug the LiPo and plug it back in, I can do it again same thing.  I check everything nothing is hot or even warm.  In the setup I do everything except the ESC calibrating.  I read somewhere that the dji opto's don't support or use calibrating.   When I do the compassmot stuff the throttle seems to work fine during that procedure.    Please help!

Got a similar problem. Did you ever find what was wrong?


Check your fail safes you are tripping one. I was tripping the battery FS. Once I disabled all and read over the logs I figured it out. Battery would dip below voltage settings for only a second but long enough to engage the fail safe. Good luck. Flies great now.

did you ever get this working? I cannot get my Motors to Spin properly at all. I get all Beeps, but the motors, when throttle is applied, only stutter and never spin freely? i have an F450 Flame weel, 30A Opto & 2212/920KV Motors?