APM 2.6 power problems

I have an APM 2.6 running the latest stable firmware. I have had the unit for a few months now. It has worked flawlessly until now. I can power the apm with usb input and have no issues. When I connect a battery to the power module, the Esc’s beep, my Leds light up, but apm doesnt do anything, no lights nothing. With the apm connected to the mission planner the power module reads voltage and reports it properly, just like the apm works fine on usb. I’m just not getting power from the battery.

Any ideas are appreciated. Should I replace the power module?

yesm the power module is supposed to give +5v yours do not seem to do that (there are pads you can check with a voltmeter)
There’ve been plenty of defective power modules (where the switchmode module stopped working) - AFAIK no official word on it, but people reproted them to die midair too, so I would not trust those until a new better batch is confirmed.

What Andre said. It sounds like the 5 volt output of the PM isn’t working. Is your RC receiver also powered via the PM through the APM? Is it working? If not, then your PM is bad. The reason you get correct voltage or current measurements when connected via USB is that those are separate from the Texas Instruments PTH08080W module on the Power Module that provides the 5 volts. It is possible to replace that TI module as outlets like Digikey sell them for around $10. If you look around there are schematics for the PM online you could use to check the pins for the output voltage and know for certain.