APM 2.6 not powering Rx (9x8C v2)


APM 2.6
Turningy 9x, radio
9X8C v2 - receiver for the radio.

I am trying to set up my APM 2.6. I am stuck in the radio calibration step, when i move the throttle nothing happens in MP.

This is my issue:

I can bind my receiver to my radio (red light goes from flashing to solid red), then i remove the bind cable and the servo cable that is powering the Rx, everything works as it should. But when i plug the Rx into the APM after a successful bind, i plug it the exact same way as i did when bindning the Rx but without the bind cable, i dont get the red light. When i am just about to plug in the receiver the normal way into the APM there i can see that the light in the receiver is powering on for a short millisecond and then its turned of again. As if there is a connections, but its lost immediately.

Has anyone had a similar issue using thier 9X8C v2 with APM 2.6?


When binding the Tx with Rx I placed the bind cable into the slot marked battery and servo cable from channel 3 from the Rx into output 1 on the APM. Then I pressed the button on the back of the radio and turned it on. The red flashing lights on the Rx would go then go solid red confirming a bind. Removed the bind cable and the servo cable and turned the radio of. Then I plugged channel 1 to output 1 on the APM with servo cable and turned the radio on and I got a connections. I could now see the movment of the radio in Mission Planner.

After that i set up the reciever and apm in the following way

APM / Rx (9X8C v2)

1 / 1
2 / 2
3 / 3
4 / 4
5 / 6

For the future i will be using channel 7 on the Rx for the gimbal.