Apm 2.6 motor trouble

hi there i seem to have a problem i can’t figer out myself so fast so please if any tips or comments feel free
after setting up the hexa (not my first) and testing the motors 1 by 1 because the test in sequense does not work but ok after testing them i turn on the transmitter and motor number 1 acts like its missing a fase while the rest is working fine took everthing appart to check for faulty wirring using a tarot power hub all good put it back together test motors all work switch on the transmitter motor 1 same thing using ppm and using the same transmitter on an other qaud

Unless you are using a milliohmmeter and inductance meter, a faulty motor is hard to diagnose. What you did is probably the closest to a diagnosis. And you basically proved that the motor is bad.

no sorry hooked up the motor to an other receiver and its working just as it should everything works fine until i switch on the transmitter i even switched motors motor 6 to number one and then after remote on same thing with motor 6

found out something strange when arming the motors they all spin but 1 this is with the remote if i put on full troth and switch of the transmitter the 1 will go to full troth to