APM 2.6 help to not burn out everything jajajaj

I have already a apm 2.6, with 2212 13t 100kv motors with 30A esc.
external compass and gps neo 6m.
Readytosky telemetry
And devo 7 radio and receiver (rx702) from devo two, connected with one cable to apm.

Te real thing is, the fly is very unstable and every time i want to fly i need to do 2 hours of testing, and so on…wath isnt funny because the flygth is about 20 minutes and always something happens that the drone crush and its unflayable.

Can anyone tell me if there is a dumb configuracion/firmware to avoid so tweaking, and how its possible to get it working without many tech specs.
Ill do a lot in twio year, imagine, but i ant to know if the apm isnt working well, or what because the fligth its very rare and not nice stable as others.
thanks…in other ways im going to sell everything… because im loosing interest.

APM is obsolete and this fact has been mentioned moult times.

Get yourself a Pixhawk or clone to at least enjoy the extraordinary work of all the developers who spend an enormous time getting this open source working on almost every platforms.