Apm 2.6- compass calibration question

How do i know when I have enough samples? I never get a success message. I have gotten around 6000 samples and it still needs more. How do i tell if it’s enough? I’m new to this. I’m used to kk boards.

It is not really quantity but quality of the samples throughout the six sides of your compass, number of sampled data will very in the assigned time that you have to complete the calibration task ( if I recall it is one minute ). System will say done and will say if sufficient samples were taken for all sides. Imagine your copter as a cube and you have to point each side to the ground and while that surface is held pointed at the ground you can turn your body in one complete circle ( I go around twice ) or just spin the copter if you don’t want to get dizzy. Does not matter if clockwise or counter clockwise as long as you perform a 360 turn for each surface. Repeat those steps for the other five sides. I.E. point nose to ground spin in circle, point tail to ground spin in circle, point top to ground spin, etc, etc, remember must complete all six sides before time is up.