APM 2,6 can I use a digital and analog servos on the same heli?

Thanks in advance for any help
With a APM 2.6 or 3,1 Arducopter ver 3.2.1 Helicopter setup and Mission Planner software. Is there a method to use analog servos on the collective and a digital servo on the tail at the same time? If possible Please explain how is this setup with RC Speed parameter since analog is 50hz and digital is 125hz?
Problem is with analog servo on tail I think it is moving too slow to hold heading properly, but if I turn up Rate Yaw P or yaw FF settings I get bad tail wag?
Any Ideas, Thanks


Your digital servos will probably work fine at 50hz.

There’s no problem with analog servo on the tail. Except the idea of it. We flew helicopters back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and there was no such thing as digital servos. And there was no such thing as FBL units. We had 6 meter or 72 MHz analog RC radio with 6 foot antenna. I had a P-51 Mustang model with a .30 Nitro in it because that’s all there was. No such thing as electric back then.

There was a few brave souls that flew FBL helicopters with Toro weed eater engines. We hid behind the truck when they flew those because you couldn’t really call it “controlled flight”. More like “semi-guided flight”. Every once in awhile somebody even managed to land one after they took off with it.

All that old stuff still works. There’s some guys at the RC club that still fly that stuff.

Just do like we did back then. If the servo seems too slow, put a longer arm on it. It’ll speed it right up.

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