APM 2.6 - Broken USB port


Unfortunately my usb port drop out.
Is it possible to connect my board somehow using TTL signal from some pins ?

Hi michalgce,

You can connect through UART0 and a FTDI cable.

Below the board you will see the UART0 pins labels.

Hello. Thank you for your fast response.

I successfully connect to UART0.
Connection to Mavlink works good with 57600 bound rates.
Unfortunately I cannot install new firmware into APM2.6. I tried to push reset during “detecting board version” but always without success. I also tried to install new firmware with 115200 but it fails. Maybe I should connect DTR (from FTDI) with RST (on APM2.6), but where is RST on APM2.6?

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I had your problem with programming my APM1.4 with an FTDI cable.
I believe that the APMs are very picky in relation to the FTDI cable being used.
I found that using one of these USB to TTL converters solved the problem: http://osepp.com/products/breakout-board/osepp-ftdi-breakout-board/