APM 2.6, bad gps health and bad compass health

Im starting to hate my APM.

I bought a APM some time ago. I first started seeing bad gps and bad compass health from the first time i connected the APM to the pc, but read it would be better when flying. I had problems with my RTL. In my FPV googles i saw that my apm had 7 to 10 sats and gps lock. But the plane would just sometimes come back in RTL. Then suddenly my gps died. It wouldnt blink blue, and only no gps on my MP.
So i got a new one. Connected it, and it seams like life was perfect. No bad gps and no bac compass anymore. Tried many times to disconnect the apm from my pc and connect it again. Found signals inside my house in seconds.
But since it have been raining for pretty much every day so i stored it for about a month. Now I wanted to make it ready so connected my APM to my pc. And now it starts again!! Bad GPS and bad compass. No signal inside house. When I go outside, it have found signal. It says failsafe and 5-7 sats, and suddenly bad gps. Bad gps goes away, and suddenly it comes back. It seams like it is still working fine though. The APM still knows where it is, and what way it is pointing.
If i run the CLI test on the gps, when i have gps sat it gives me lat and lang. The Compass test says Failed to get HMC semaphore.

I bought the APM and not a clone to be sure not have these kind of problems.

I recorded my MP, since it is easier to see than to read.

Anyone have tip what to do?
Should i contact the store and see if i can get a apm replacement?
Should i messaure something (have read lots of the 3v that is blown)?
Should i just get a clone?

I just want something that works
please help

Are your GPSs genuine 3DR products or are they clones?

Hello, thank you for the answer.
It is genuin.
This is the APM i bought http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/ajax/index/options/product_id/495/
and this is the ublox http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/ublox-lea-6h-gps-with-compass-kit.html

A picture I took of my My APM 2.6 today

Hi, open a support ticket with 3dr, write us at help@3drobotics.com and we’ll see what else can be done.