APM 2.5 Power Distribution Board Usage (mandatory or not?)

Hello all,

New to the forums so before I start if this is not the appropriate section to be posting this, I apologize and feel free to move it to wherever it does belong.

I am relatively new to building copters and especially new to the modern tech available for copter and plane builds. I’ve purchased a APM 2.5 incl. 6-pin power module with xt60 connectors and am planning on powering turnigy plush 25a (3) ESC’s. All of the power distribution boards that I have seen available on places such as hobbyking dot com are rated for 20a use max, which are unusable for my build/setup as running at max load I’d probably destroy the PDB with too much draw. I am wondering if it is mandatory that I use a PDB to control the power or if I can use a wiring harness rated for 14/18awg flow with the xt60 connectors (picture included) without damaging the ESC’s/or motors and then just run +/- out to each of the ESC’s using bullet connectors. Is this smart to do and can I do it without causing any damage? Advice / comments would be great.

Comments and help are greatly appreciated as I am really excited to put this thing in the air for the first time. Thank you in advance to all for their time and help on this.

You didn’t say if this was for a tricopter but I’m guessing it is due to your showing a cable for 3 ESCs. Yeah, that would work just fine. The only thing that occurs to me is are the leads going to be long enough to reach your ESCs?

If you are talking only 3 or 4 ESCs, then a power distribution broad may be overkill (Although neat freaks may take issue with this). When you get into 6 or 8 motors PDBs of some sort become almost a necessity.