Apm 2.5 on plane can´t get to waypoint!?

I have a question for somebody on this forum who knows something about the Apm 2.5 on a plane when using 2.78!

I have build the apm2.5 on my flying wing and it juist flies fine in stable mode and manual mode.

But when i switch to (guided, auto, rtl) it will not reach the way-point and juist circle around it in a 8 pattern(see pictures).

when I try auto it is doing the seem 8 pattern and won’t go to the next way-point.
I have tried to increase the waypoint radius, but he is making the seem 8 pattern (only bigger) around the way-point.

I have no idea what to do? try almost everything!
someone who knows something to help me?

Thanks already!!


tlogs and data flash logs, if available, will help to troubleshoot your issue.

Okay, here are the tlogs!

Hi RCRaptor,
Your NAVL1_PERIOD is way too high for your aircraft. The NAVL1_PERIOD determines how sharply the plane turns, and a value of 25 is for very slow turns. It is the default as it is stable on a huge range of aircraft, but most planes need a smaller value.
You also need to tune your roll and pitch controllers, as your plane is struggling to turn and hold pitch. I’d suggest the following changes:
RLL2SRV_P = 1.0
RLL2SRV_I = 0.1
RLL2SRV_D = 0.05
PTCH2SRV_P = 1.0
PTCH2SRV_I = 0.1
PTCH2SRV_D = 0.05

Try that and see if it is better. You really should also read the tuning guide on plane.ardupilot.com
Cheers, Tridge