APM 2.5 board dead (sort of..) after V3.2 flash?

Hi All,

This is my first post here so I should start with a short introduction. I live in the Netherlands and have been playing around with RC stuff since I was 12. Now 30 years later still very active with all kinds of flying stuff.
I am relatively new to multicopters. I have a 250 quad with NAZE32 and fly that FPV a lot.
I wanted a larger quad for filming and built an Alien 560 frame with APM2.5 controller and GPS.

Untill this morning I could change settings and fly the quad. Mission planner had a new firmware for me so I upgraded to 3.2 Now it will no longer connect via USB to MAVLINK. On the board the ABC leds will only flash very faintly after power on.
I tried uploading older firmware but run into the exact same problem. When I flash the HIL quad firmware my ABC leds come back to life and MAVLINK via USB works again.

What did I do wrong? How can I fix my APM board?


I have been doing more research and found that the 3.3v regulator is broken. The internal sensors get no power and the APM does not function because of that.

I am now looking for spare regulators to fix this APM board.

Don’t know whereabouts you are but when I fried my regulator I got one of these - maplin.co.uk/p/ts2950ct-33v- … ator-n68ca.

Removed the existing one and fitted the new one using these points on the apm board - rcgroups.com/forums/showpost … ount=14208

May not be as pretty as stock, but when it’s in a hard case buried inside a plane you don’t notice it :smiley: