APM 2.5 Auto mode issues (Compass related?)

Hello everyone
drone logs-20171204T102823Z-001.zip (229.8 KB)

I have build a APM 2.5 quad copter so that i can do AUTO missions. But for some reason it completely does not listen to my mission and just randomly starts flying to somewhere. Even when i run the same mission twice it will fly the one time a different direction than the other time. I have uploaded 1 log file but i am not 100% sure this is the right one. If this is the wrong one please tell me and i will send another one that hopefully is correct. I have also a video of it flying and crashing so if this is of any use i can upload it.
Maybe you can see in the log that GPS and compass signal is lost at the end of the log. This is then because the compass and GPS wires where ripped right out when the crash happend.
I have also notices that when reviewing the red line in mission planner (the current heading line) it is completely off. So maybe this is the problem? I have calibrated the compass multiple times and i have set the correct orientation. It is a external compass GPS module.

Hope you guys can help



Where to begin.
Your flight was doomed from the start.
Although you had 8sats your HDOP was no lower than 1.9

Have you flown this copter in Stabilise?
Have you auto tuned it?
How many compasses do you have active?
How much of the documentation have you read through?

You need to get the copter flying well in Stabilise.
Then test Alt hold.
Then loiter.
If all those go well then you look at an auto mission.

You were expecting way too much to just load up auto and fly a mission.

You could also increase the logging level so we have a bit more information to go on.
At the moment it is only the basics.

Hello Mike Boland

I have indeed not auto tuned it. But in stabelized mode it flew pretty okay and stayed pretty starionary in the air. I will do the autotune. I tried tuning the PID manually but hearing from you it sounds like that was not done correctly. I am expecting the drone is running 1 Compass only the outside one. It is wierd to me the GPS HDOP is higher than 1.9. I dont understand why that is i was in a clear open field and a pretty sunny day. Do you know why this could be?

Greetings Sieuwe

Anyone who is still looking at this. It was a bad compass module. With a new module it flies great!