APM 2.0 no output to servos

Please help’
I am testing my APM 2.0 board and do not seem to get any signal from output side to servos. I can hookup servos to the receiver and they function properly. I have been thru the mandatory tests in Mission Planner, the radio test and calibrate go well and I get the APM to arm and show cruise but no servo functions. Can anyone help me w/ what I may have missed?.

Here are the wiki instructions on how to power the AMP2.0: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-apm-2-board/
I suspect that jumper J1 has been removed on your APM2.0 so that the radio input power bus rails have been separated from the servo output power bus rails. It is not a good idea to try and power the servo outputs with the APM2.0 power supply. It is better to keep J1 open and power the APM servo output power rails with a separate BEC.
The wiki instructions will help you with powering the APM servo output power rails with a separate power supply. Then your servos will respond to the APM servo output signals.
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Thank You, I suspected that, I had read a few explanations on the jumper on youtube and thought I had seen it when I was researching my quadcopter build. The link you posted was very helpful and just what I was looking for, just couldn’t find it on my own.Thanks again, have a good day!