AP-Arduino 1.0.3 on linux - Succesful?

Hi all, I’m new to this forum, since I’ll be a new APM user.
I was looking about all the info to use/install/compile APM on Linux, and I’ve tried to start the Special Arduino using Wine. It seems to work correctly, Just adding a link from /dev/ttyUSBx and com3.
What I’ve tried is just to compile the Blink Example to a Duemilanove and it works (take just a little more to compile…)
So, did anyone else tried this way?


I don’t personally use Arduino on linux (just windows) but setting the board to the Duemilanove doesn’t sound like it will create a binary that will work on an APM. The APM is a 2560…

Yes, of course it is not a real success. I’ve tried only on a 328 because I’m waiting for my control board to come.
Before doing any operative compiling I was looking for someone who already tried this method.