Anyone tested new Septentrio based ardusimple boards?

Would like to now if anyone tested new ardusimple boards based on mosaic h and mosaic x5 from septrentrio.
I would like to buy the mosaic h based board and use it for heading too. If anyone has any experience with it please share. Would also like to use str2str to inject ntrip corrections to it as i already do on F9P.

AFAIK tridge did some integration work on the Hitec mosaic X5.

I’m using the Mosaic H (simpleRTK3B) for heading on a VTOL. Works very well and cured by compass issues. No problems at all setting it up (followed the guide on their website.

My only complaints:

  • Its a bit pricey. Maybe there will be more of these kinds of chips coming out later with demand
  • I bought extra SMA connected cables for the antennas for other platforms and the crimping was very poor (could pull the cable out of the ferrule with my fingers)

But moving baseline calculations have worked well for me on about 10 different flights. I just wait a few minutes for the yaw angle to stop drifting and settle before arming.

Thank you very much.
How do you inject rctm correction to the simpleRTK3B?

I’ve also set one up. It’s very easy and works well - you don’t even need to tell it the distance between antennas. RTCM3 from Mission Planner is accepted over the UART port.

My plan is to use str2str from my onboard raspberry to serial on mosaic, hope it is possible. I am doing it now on a F9P.
Want to use my onboard ntrip str2str because i find it way more trustable than injecting from MP and i have internet on board.

There’s a second UART on the 3B board that will likely work for that. It appears it was intended for use with an XBee for RTCM3 injection.

Great, will do that. Hope to not have to wait too much for heading, usually when we are at work we do back to back flights.

It’s pretty quick to initialize.

Good thanks.


No, we do not have a need for RTK