Anyone has any experience with retracts Tarot TL4N003 or TL4N004

Has anybody any experience with the large 25kg retracts from tarot 25kg.

We are in the market for a retract for a 25kg X8 if anyone has any advice is more than welcome. Price is not important (to some extent) but trustability is.



Since no feedback i went ahead and bought a TL4N003 (75° angle), strapped to the bench with a landing gear attached to it and had a raspberry cycle it. i am planning on running it until it fails.
I just got it out of the box with no mods to it, attached and started my small python routine.

Until now it has done 500 complete up and down cycles with no problems. Every cycle includes 1 up and 1 down.

I am running it at 24V and average amp draw is 0.06A.

If testing goes well i plan on adding a 3d printed cover to keep dust out and a spring to be as close as possible to zero weight while operating.

1500 cycles so far. 1 cycle include 1 up & 1 down, leg deploys in around 13 seconds and takes another 13 seconds to retract.

No signs of wear so far.


Thank you for sharing and getting into the effort to reliably test a common use accessory, that most thing it’s just a part.

Though, using retracts for 5-6 years in a few of my Copters, I witnessed that they fail cause of the fitting/interlocking got loose after consequent landings with heavy loading. Whereas steady legs don’t have this issues.

The most prone to failure is the lead screw, that starts with some backlash after a few landings, to end up to complete thread ware or locking.

One thing to inspect thoroughly is the screw type and the locking nut type used(including hardening), as well as if there is any kind of damping at the endpoints via a non wearing plastic (ie non rubber, prefer accetal etc)

Last but not least is the form. IE the DJI S1000 has articulated arms to add strength to the arm, but poor choice of aluminum alloy make them prone to bend, stress the motor, the motor stresses the lead untill it jamm.

Concluding, now that you ensured 1500 take offs and landings for the motor, you could hit it at 0.5 to 1G of the desired all up weight or the stated all up weight (25kg) and see when it’s gonna get loose.

Thanks and best regards,