Any suggestions on my tune before i call it final?Log attached

Hi all,
First of all big thanks to bill and chris who helped me and with their help i was finally able to reach at this point!!
Now please suggest me if my tune is okay before i call it done and change my log speed back to normal.

My blade 450 3D with a flybar now flies good with arducopter.I tried it flying fast at approx 18m/s and it seems to be flying okay.Position hold is okay.Even i windy conditions.No toilet bowling.I haven’t tried any auto mission yet.I have even added FPV to it.My head speed is 2400 RPM fixed with castle esc governor.

I was only able to reduce my vibrations On:
X-axis–around 5
Y-axis–around 15 and
Z-axis–around 20.Don’t know how can i reduce Y axis and Z axis vibrations even more.I balanced complete head rotor assembly with shaft on a dubro balancer and same wit tail rotor with shaft on a dubro balancer.

Here are my two final logs.

Nice work , i’m doing the same with Trex450 … just started hovering phase.
Could you add some pictures of your heli setup ?

this is the vibration i get … seems OK by the heli behavior

Here are the pictures of my setup.Flight controller is OmnibusF4ProV3 and its mounted on the rubber dampers at the spot where the stock gyro was.Vtx is mounted under the boom by the tail servo.RC control is Frsky R9mm 915Mhz and its Rx and antenna are mounted on the tail.GPS is mounted on a balsa stand.

Camera setup is not final.I am planning to mount my camera on rubber dampers as well.Antenna is TrueRC canada 1.3G singularity.

Great, thanks for the pictures and setup explanation
i will be trying more automatic modes (specially loiter) in the following days.
What battery do you use, and how long of flight time do you get ?
I’m using old pixhawk with the telemetry modem and all the peripherals but the switch…

@ninja_zx11 I did look at your logs and everything looked pretty good. I’m glad to see that you were successful in setting up your heli.


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Thanks Bill for examining my log.Yes heli was flying perfect and smooth.It was flying stable and smooth even at 70km/hr!! I was making sharp turns at high speed with no problems at all.

But looks like i jinxed it:( I lost it last weekend in the deep forests 2 km away.I was cruising in stablized mode and my video got choppy ,so i engaged RTL and within few seconds,i got “GPS glitch” error message on my tranis QX7’s screen and then it displayed “landing” and then i lost video and signal.I drove close to that area but it was deep forest close to the river bank which was flooded.
When i drove close to it,i started getting telemetry back but no gps coordinates.I tried to search for it but couldn’t find it.I then just drove back home:(

Now i think that i could have pin pointed the direction by turning around and watching RSSI on my transmitter as i was getting RSSI back on my display.Kind of sad for me coz i spent so many hours on it.But its a part of this hobby.Time to build another one and now this time flybarless:)

I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. Hopefully with the next one, you will be able to get it tuned up and flying much faster.

Sad news , but as you have said, it is a part of the game.
What setup are you planning for the flybarless one ?

I have bought 2 helis for my next FPV Heli project.One is blade300CFX which is flybarless and the 2nd one is Raptor titan 50SE which is electric with a flybar. For smaller blade300,i got kakute F7 mini board which has a almost same footprint as stock beastx unit but much lighter.Hoping to finish them soon if time permits:)

sound nice, good plan.
i have few Raptor 30 which are similar to the 50 , but with reciprocating engines, they are a bit bulky and heavy for electric conversion.
keep us posted :slight_smile: