Any one have any ideas?

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things to do. Like make a product or anything. Nothing is to big or to small. Just trying to get some ideas on things to make/do/learn. Thanks. P.S. Try to pass this on to other people and see if anyone else has ideas that they can post here.

have a look here:

The thing I am trying to say is. What have people done with ArduPilot. Like make a fully autonomous drone that does obstacle avoidance etc. Anything that has been made would help.

You can find those use cases just by reading this forum.

Hi Oscar,
I’ve been working on some object detection system in conjunction with drones.
It appears there is more and more demand from sectors like Agriculture. Farmers want a way to easily know location of their stock, pest animals or pest / invasive plants.
I’ve been using a Navio FC + Rpi 3+ but it is not really a suitable combination as the object detection uses lots of CPU power which impacts on the FC performance.
I believe a better idea would be using whatever FC is suitable and then using a separate mini computer like the Raspberry Pi for object detection. For larger farms a fixed wing drone or VTOL drone would be much more suitable due to long flying times and additional payload. But for development and testing most drones are suitable.
Here is an example from my testing:

Another problem appears to be the image data available. It appears most was made by some universities as part of some project. This however often means images a based on ground level, not actually from the air. So whilst some satellite data / images are also available it once again may not be suitable due to resolution and sizing of objects.
…anyway, just one rather interesting project to consider.