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Antenna Tracker simulation in SITL

(jack) #1

I would like to know is it possible to simulate two vehicles like antenna tracker and copter at the same time?!
if it possible so how?!
i want to simulate antenna tracker with SITL in Ubuntu, but i can only display the Antenna Tracker on the map and i cann’t add another vehicle so there is no tracking,
further, i used a real arducopter and add it to SITL that is simulating a antenna Tracker in it, so i have a real copter and simulated tracker in one map, but still tracker and copter doesn’t linked together and i don’t have tracking.
therefore how can i link these vehicles with MAVlink?!

(peterbarker) #2

You might like to read the output of “ --help”…
particularly the bit about the “–tracker” argument :slight_smile:


(jack) #3

thanks Peter
I read the antenna tracker text file and the help in MAVProxy, but there is nothing about how to add or link a vehicle like copter in antenna tracker SITL for tracking.

(peterbarker) #4

./Tools/autotest/ -v ArduCopter --tracker --map --console

(jack) #5

thanks again peter
but when i simulate a copter with tracker in that path(/Tools/autotest) i have this error for starting tracker:
“[Errno 111] Connection refused sleeping
ERROR in command [‘start’]: [Errno 111] Connection refused
tracker not connected”
also i have Error in AntennaTracker XTerm :
“/AntennaTracker/AntennaTracker.elf’: No such file or directory”
but i can simulate AntennaTracker lonely.

(peterbarker) #6

The path I supplied was “./Tools/autotest/” - the ./ at
the front is critical :slight_smile: